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As your Greater Indianapolis Real Estate Experts, we'd like to welcome you to the neighborhood! With so much to see and explore, there are a hundred reasons to love the Indianapolis area, and even more reasons to buy a home here! 

With The Right Decisions Everything Fits Together…

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, buying a home is exciting. After all, you're not simply purchasing a property or a building; you're finding a niche in a community where you will belong, a place that will truly feel like home. And when you team up with Mitch Rolsky, we'll make finding the home of your dreams a dream come true.

Looking At The Finances

With our advanced home search tools, you can search homes by price, city, and neighborhood, and even specify your desired features and amenities. Still, finding the home with the right features in the right neighborhood that also fits into your budget can be challenging.

What's The Value Of A Property You Are Considering Buying?

1/3 Is About The Property Itself: The Location, Condition, Updates, Bed & Bath Count, Size, Age & All Features
1/3 Is About Similar Places For Sale A Buyer Could Also Buy, At The Same Time, In The Same & Similar Areas
1/3 Is About What Similar Properties, In The Same Or Similar Areas, Have Sold for In The Last 6-12 Months

A ten-dollar bill is worth $10 regardless of if it’s crisp and brand new, or if it’s twenty years old, dirty and torn. Neither its condition, the condition of other dollars bills, nor its location will change its value! If the value of real estate was also this precise and exact, just like the value of a dollar bill, then there would frankly be no need for real estate agents! However, accurately evaluating the value of a house, townhouse, or condominium is a complex calculation that leverages years of experience and expertise like Mitch has, as one of the Top REALTOR's in the Greater Indy area!

The 4 Most Commonly Used Ways To Determine Value, From The Highest Level Of Accuracy (4 stars) To The Least Accurate (1 star)

Real Clients, Real Results, Real Reviews...

I always felt relaxed and like his only client...

Purchasing Indy real estate virtually from California during covid, was not within my comfort zone. I needed an agent to patiently show me things as though I was there myself, speak with blunt honesty and find balance between my "desire" list and a stable long term investment.

Mitch doesn't miss a beat! He is highly intelligent, engaged with his clients - stellar communicator with a wealth of wisdom not only through the home buying process, but in life. I always felt relaxed and like his only client, yet knew he was doing much hard work in the background.

I've heard in life that "your realtor is your best friend!" Best friends work for your best interest; he was always right there and always told it like it appreciated!!! He exceeded all expectations and hope to work together again in the future!


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