By Taking a few minutes to complete this survey about the “next home features,” you want and need in your new place, Mitch can use this information to build custom searches for you with email alerts that allow you to explore listings using your own private portal.

The portal will allow you to leave property by property questions for Mitch, to leave comments about what you love or hate in each property and to indicate favorites, possibilities as well to eliminate places that do not meet your needs. The portal makes it easy for you to start identifying places that you would like to see in person.

The 1st portion of the survey will collect your Contact Info, Your Timeline, the Size of the place and will Help identify The Parts of the Greater Indy Area that you are most interested in considering.

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Note: The Survey Will Have 2 Parts, (or 3 Parts only if You Are Considering BOTH Condos/Townhouses AND Single Family Homes)

Your Contact Info

If Proximity To Work, Family or Friends Is Critical

The Basics

What Must Be Available & Nearby... Proximity To Your New Place

While all or some of these may be part of your new home's ideal location many or most may not be deal breakers. So Please Answer Only Those That Are Critically Important To you. Please add any DETAILED comments about items at the bottom of this section.

If You are limiting your search to specific neighborhoods or developments, then please list ALL Neighborhoods and/or Developments you will consider. THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS SECTION & THE NEXT SECTION, AND USE THE SUBMIT BUTTON. AT THE BOTTOM.

Areas, Part of Greater Indy & Other Communities - Check All That Interest You Most

By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Mitch Rolsky permission to contact you via email, phone, or text.