We Universally Refer To Where We Live As Our "Home."

This is true regardless if we are renting an apartment, a house, a condo, or a condo-like property, or we bought a place to live in using a mortgage loan or we were truly fortunate and we were able to use only our own savings and/or gifts from others to pay cash for our home. 

In reality though our "home" could be a single family detached structure called a House, or a Zero Lot Line Home. It could also be a structure that's abutting to one or more neighboring structures that could be called a Townhouse/Row House, a Patio Home, a Duplex/Triplex or even a Quadraplex etc. The home could also literally share one or more common walls with neighbors. These types of properties include Townhomes, Apartment Flats and even Lofts also known as Converted Warehouse Lofts. There are of course many advantages and disadvantages to each of these different types of homes that reflect the location, size, initial and ongoing costs, privacy, owner's responsibility and more!

Trying to figure out which Property Type is best for you, and your desired lifestyle though, may be as simple as looking first at who owns the land itself. This single item impacts the freedoms you have over how you use the property as well determines what you, as the owner vs the Homeowner Association ("HOA",) is responsible for addressing and paying for in thw way of repairs & maintenance.

Still, as you might expect, the more you own, vs what an HOA owns, directly correlates to the more you as an owner is responsible for which directly influences the amount of any HOA fees associated with the property. 

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Where You
The Land

Where You
The Land

As A Seller... "I always felt relaxed and like his only client." 

I always felt relaxed and like his only client. It is without hesitation that we recommend Mitch Rolsky as a real estate agent for both the buy and sell side.

We have worked with Mitch twice in the purchase of a downtown Indy home and then with the subsequent sale of the same house just over 2 years later. Mitch's guidance allowed us to purchase the home in a desirable location at a price level that was at the lower end of the market range at that time. During the sale of the home, Mitch paid no attention to what the home was sold for earlier but focused on what the market would bear. Mitch focused on selling the value of the home and the location as opposed to price. He knows the market extensively and set a selling price and sales strategy that worked perfectly in a softening seller's market.

We moved because of a career change which forced us to move away during the sales process. Mitch took care of everything from there....in essence, we left our entire belongings in the care of Mitch. Friendly, detailed, trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional are but a few of the attributes of Mitch. Thanks Mitch....


As A Buyer... "Purchasing Indy real estate virtually from California during covid, was not within my comfort zone."

Purchasing Indy real estate virtually from California during covid, was not within my comfort zone. I needed an agent to patiently show me things as though I was there myself, speak with blunt honesty and find balance between my "desire" list and a stable long term investment.

Mitch doesn't miss a beat! He is highly intelligent, engaged with his clients - stellar communicator with a wealth of wisdom not only through the home buying process, but in life. I always felt relaxed and like his only client, yet knew he was doing much hard work in the background.

I've heard in life that "your realtor is your best friend!" Best friends work for your best interest; he was always right there and always told it like it was....so appreciated!!! He exceeded all expectations and hope to work together again in the future!


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