Interviewing Buyer's Agents

25 Questions... What Should You Ask & What Answers Do You Want to Hear?

With real estate agents, the 80/20 rule comes into play. If you are unfamiliar with the 80/20 rule, it is simple. 80% of the transactions will include agents who are in the top 20% of the agents in the market. For example, Mitch is in the top 5% of all the greater Indianapolis Agents.

This is true regardless of if we are talking Listing agents that work for Sellers or the Real estate agents who represent buyers that are commonly known as buyer's agents. Some agents only represent Sellers and others only represent Buyers. However, many agents like Mitch, represent both Sellers and Buyers.

When interviewing REALTORS®, your goal should always include being represented by a REALTOR® who has great Experience and Expertise that is relevant to your needs and an agent who will be Available to serve you best. The best place to start your search is with a REALTOR® who is among the Top 20% Producers both within their brokerage and the local community of Agents. 

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8 Questions To Ask Related To An Agent's Experience

    • How Long Have You been Selling Real Estate?
    • How many places do you typically sell per year (both Sellers & Buyers?)
    • Are You A REALTOR®?
    • Do You Mostly Work With Buyers Or Sellers?
    • How does your brokerage compare, within your local real estate community, in terms of market share?
    • What was your typical sales price for the last 12 months? Also, what was the most/least expensive sale?
    • Can your clients critique and review your services through an independent survey?
    • If your buyer wants to purchase a property, that you have listed, will you also represent them as a buyer?

12 Questions To Ask Related To An Agent's Expertise

  • Do you have a niche? Do you focus on a part of town, or type of property?
  • How do you help your buyers be more competitive in a seller’s market?
  • How many of your annual sales, typically fall out of contract, and why?
  • Is your commission typically paid by the Sellers or by the Buyers?
  • Are your Buyers ever required to sign an Exclusive Buyer Agent Agreement, and if yes when?
  • Do Buyers complete a survey or questionnaire to help confirm what they are looking for in a new place?
  • Do you track the percentage of your annual business that’s from prior clients and referrals from prior clients?
  • Do you have Local Lenders, Inspectors, and home contractors etc., that you refer your clients to?
  • Do you feel it is your job to raise any red flags or concerns about places you show?
  • Are you also an active appraiser, mortgage lender or do you have any other full or part time professions?
  • What are a couple of things that separate you from other REALTORS® that I may talk with?
  • How many places do you typically show buyers before they have a property under contract?

5 Questions To Ask Related To An Agent's Availability

  • What Are The Typical Hours and Days you are Available?
  • What is your preferred way for Buyers to contact you?
  • Typically, how much advance notice is required before you can show a place?
  • Do you have set times during the day to respond to emails, text messages and calls?
  • If a Buyer wants to see a place, and you are not available, do you have someone else that can show the place? How often does that typically happen?

  • Download The 25 Questions & Answers Above In A PDF

Note: The alternative to having a Buyer’s Agent is the concept of the Listing Agent representing both the Buyers and Sellers, on the same property, at the same time. This is known as limited or dual agency and many states have illegal. While not illegal in Indiana, Mitch considers this practice to be very unethical and Mitch will not represent both a Seller and a Buyer, at the same time.

 See The Top 10 Reasons to work with an agent that only represents you as a buyer here.


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