Beech Grove

Beech Grove is on the move with citywide initiatives to revitalize this already robust city. Just eight miles southeast of Indianapolis, Beech Grove benefits from its close proximity to the city as well as what it offers as a town in its own right.

Beech Grove’s focus on family and community is the driving force of its revitalization initiative “Better, Brighter Beech Grove.” This multi-million dollar initiative will focus on revamping pedestrian walkways, the downtown Main Street neighborhood, Beech Grove Parks, and more. The project will also affect Beech Grove’s central business district, bringing the area up to speed with the new landmark Beech Grove Towers that welcome visitors and residents to town. Currently home to parades, festival, and other civic activities, “Better, Brighter Beech Grove,” will improve areas throughout the city where these events take place, as well.

Beech Grove hosts a variety of special events including Senior Citizens Day, Children’s Mornings, a July 3rd Celebration, and a Halloween Costume contest to name a few. Beech Grove Parks often feature public entertainment options such as magic shows, drama groups, and storytellers.

Well known for its bowling facilities, Beech Grove is home to two popular bowling alleys. Beech Grove Bowl is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Expo Bowl features 80 lanes. Both are popular spots for families and friend groups of any size.

Beech Grove’s Community Center hosts popular health-related events like bike-a-thons, and is also home to the Hornet Park Fitness Center, which offers a variety of classes for kids and adults. Kids will also enjoy Beech Grove’s skate park.

Beech Grove boasts a low outbound commuter percentage attributed to the abundance of jobs within the city limits. Those who do commute have only a short distance to travel to downtown Indianapolis. The unemployment rate in Beech Grove is consistently lower than the national average.

RECREATION There are three Beech Grove parks, Sarah T. Bolton Park, South Grove Park, and Hartman Park. Our parks offer clean picnic shelters, playgrounds, beautiful creeks and an abundance of towering shade and flowering trees. Facilities throughout the parks include basketball, soft-ball, baseball, volleyball, skateboarding and horseshoe pits. Educational sport programs such as softball and basketball clinics are offered periodically throughout the summer. Athletic activities are only a portion of the scheduled activities for the Beech Grove Parks. They also offer numerous band concerts and special events, such as Senior Citizens Day, Children’s Mornings, and their annual July 3rd Celebration with fireworks sponsored by the Beech Grove Promoter’s Club, the Fire Department’s Kids Fun Day, and the park’s annual Halloween Costume Contest. Other programs have included magic shows, storytellers, dance troupes and drama groups. The Parks Department supports the planting of new trees and plants as one of the most important steps an individual or organization can take to restoring our environment. Located in beautiful Sarah T. Bolton Park, the Paw Patch Dog Park is part of the Beech Grove Parks Department. As part of a Better, Brighter, Beech Grove, the Paw Patch is a one-acre fenced area where dogs are allowed to run off-leash, under their owner’s supervision. Both Beech Grove High School and the Benedictine Center have pools. The Booster Club has youth teams, and the Senior Citizens Center also offers recreational activities. Shopping areas include Main Street and several area shopping plazas. Greenwood Mall is approximately 15 minutes away.

FUN FACT The area that is presently known as Beech Grove was merely a rural section of Marion County at the turn of the twentieth century. It was originally founded as a company town that served as the repair facility for a local railroad. The area was named Beech Grove because of the abundance of Beech trees in the area. It was officially incorporated in 1906