“I always do my best to provide my clients with excellent service… Still, perhaps the true litmus test of an excellent REALTOR is when clients recommend me to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.”
- Mitch Rolsky

Use My Agent

Mitch is proud to have built his strong reputation on personal recommendations, with over 98% percent of his business coming from a prior client calling Mitch back to help them with their next move, or when prior clients refer Mitch to those they know. Mitch's goal will continue to be to provide you a level of service, and attention to detail, that is not dependent on whether you are prepared to do a transaction now, a year from now or never!

For Mitch it's always about one concept... To Help U Make The Right Move!

Mitch hopes you will give him the opportunity to Help You Make The Right Move and he has designed his site to provide you, as a current or future homeowner, valuable resources that can assist you with your current and future goals, hobbies, and lifestyle.

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